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The new STONEX® S9III is the updated version of the worldwide known STONEX S9 II. With its new firmware design S9III improves performances on the field for professional survey


S9III combines a compact and light body with an embedded 220 channels GNSS board, accurate and fast in satellite fixing, an internal UHF transmitting and receiving radio, GSM/GPRS module for network connection and direct call, and a Bluetooth device for wireless purposes. A new Italian design with an aluminum bottom cover allows a better heat dissipation for internal radiomodem. IP67 certification ensures an optimal watertight for mechanical parts, a high shock resistance and completely sealed against dust. S9 III receiver ensures a quick setup for all required working mode. Thanks to the integrated suited CUBE software, survey has never been so easy. Cube combines a fresh and easy interface with a simple and powerful workflow for the user. Its integration with S9 third generation receivers makes Cube the essential tool for professionals’ day-to-day work.

Key Features:
  • A completely new design firmware for better field performances
  • New front panel, with indicators led for individual functions to indicate the status of the receiver
  • The internal radiomodem allows to reach up to 4 km in the urban area with selectable output power 0.5/1 W
  • Increased accuracy on long time observations in static mode
  • UHF radiomodem is configurable (by the user) in the frequency range 410-470 Mhz; this allows the user to be in compliance with local laws worldwide

*Available Selection for static/fast static accuracy as required by specific markets of South east Asia.