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The new STONEX® S7 series GPS/GNSS receivers combine the modern positioning technology and versatility of a powerful handheld, perfect for collecting geographic data and operate fast and accurate measurements. The S7 handheld is compact, ergonomic and small size and weight: 234 mm x 99 mm and less than 900 g. S7 are powered by a Marvell Xscale PXA-310 806MHz processor, and Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional operating system


All the S7 integrate a GSM/GPRS modem, that provides fast and efficient internet connection directly on the field, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, that allow the user to transfer data quickly and conveniently on long distances. Thanks to the internal modem there is also the possibility to improve the accuracy of data, connecting to real time differential correction network provider. Available models:

STONEX S7-S is an handheld GPS receiver (L1, GPS, SBAS), designed to collect data in a quick and accurate way, as well as efficiently inspect and stake out assets. STONEX S7-D adds a more powerful GNSS receiver system, thanks GNSS L1 C/A + phase capabilities, tracking GPS, GLONASS and SBAS. (available soon) STONEX S7-G, a real revolution in the world of GNSS receivers: all in one hand, a GPS, GLONASS and Galileo 120 channels receiver, with centimetric accuracy.

Key Features:
  • Flexible: choose your S7 for GIS and/or high accuracy surveying jobs, with integrated STONEX software
  • Complete: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPRS modem, 5 Mpx camera, voice call and MMS, Mini waterproof USB connector, all included as standard
  • Easy to use: High performance touch screen 3.7" high resolution 640x480 pixel display, sunlight-optimized
  • Strong: resistant to shock, dust, vibration, water spray and extreme temperatures (-20°/+60°). IP 65 certification;
  • All day job: Li-Ion battery, quickly removable, up to eight hours of operation time; Memory up to 16 Gb with SD memory card